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SmartClient Alarm Display

A typical Alarm Manager display of the Sentry results is shown below:

There are two primary areas utilized for reviewing Sentry events (whether in a custom layout as shown above or in the Alarm Manager workspace). These include an Alarm Preview panel (bottom right) and an Alarm List (top).

In the Alarm List, system alarms are shown including those for the Sentry system. Note that the

columns displayed are selected by right-clicking the header row for the list and selecting the column name to be displayed. The columns displayed above are useful for reviewing the Sentry alarms and should be selected for initial use. For the Sentry System (based on configured alarms), there are three events which can generate alarms including Sentry Found, Sentry Vacant, Sentry Timeout as shown in the Message column. 

  • The first column contains the time of the event minus the Pre Event Playback time set in the Management Client. 
  • Source displays the name of the server set in the Management Client.  
  • Alarm displays the name of the alarm configured in the Management Client. 
  • Tag displays information related to the alarm including the name of the camera, the number of frames analyzed, and the time range for the analyzed frames. 
  • Type contains additional information about the alarm including how many people were found.

In the Alarm Preview panel, playback of the event selected in the Alarm List is shown starting at the Time shown in the Alarm List (first column) initially with bounding boxes for all detected people. In addition, one still frame is shown for each person found including a bounding box around the person found.

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