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Configuring Camera Motion / Milestone Events

The Sentry Server will generate the following Milestone Events: Sentry Found, Sentry Vacant, and Sentry Timeout based on motion detection for the selected cameras. These events can be used in Milestone alarm definitions (to generate alarms when the events occur) and Rules (to generate other actions when these events occur). Both the Sentry Events and Milestone Motion Events need to be configured within the Milestone Management Client for correct system operation.

To configure motion detection for cameras:

  1. Select “Recording Servers” under Servers in the tree to the left.
  2. Expand the resulting tree view to select cameras and select a camera.
  3. Select the “Motion” tab on the bottom of the pane to the right.
  4. Check “Motion detection” at the top of the screen and any other settings as desired for the camera motion detection.

To configure a rule to have cameras begin recording on Sentry events (optional):

  1. Select “Rules” and then “Rules and Events” in the tree to the left.
  2. Right-click “Rules” in the resulting menu and select “Add New”.
  3. Select “Perform an action on <event>” and click “event” in the bottom pane.
  4. Pick “Sentry Server” in the resulting tree and then the desired event (e.g. “Sentry Found”).
  5. Click “devices/recording server/management server” and select “All Sentry Server” followed by “Add”.
  6. Click “Next” and “Next” again.
  7. Select “Start recording on devices”.
  8. Click “recording device” in the bottom pane and select “Use devices from metadata”.
  9. Select the desired stopping conditions (e.g. after a selected period of time or after an event such as “motion stopped”).
  10. Save the rule.

To configure alarm generation based on Sentry Events:

  1. Select “Alarms” and then “Alarm Definitions” from the tree to the left.
  2. Right click “Alarm Definitions” in the resulting tree and select “Add New”.
  3. Enter desired Name/Instructions and then click the drop down next to “Triggering Event”.
  4. Select “Sentry”, drop down the list below it, and select desired event (e.g. “Sentry Found”).
  5. Click “Select” beside “Sources”.
  6. Select the “Servers” tab and highlight “All Sentry Server”.
  7. Click “Add”.
  8. Save the Alarm definition
    Note: Other parameters can be set but are not required for basic alarm generation.
  9. Repeat for each event for which an alarm should be generated.

    Open the Smart Client and go to the Alarm Manager tab. Alarms should populate in the alarm list as they are created based on Sentry Server events.
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