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Sentry Server configuration

  • Install Sentry Server on selected machine by running the file SentryServerSetup.exe.
    Note: After installation, leave the automatically started Configuration Utility running while running the License Request Utility in the following step.
Sentry Server Configuration Utility
  • Start the License Request Utility from the Sentry Server program group in the Windows Program Menu.
  • Fill in the required information and generate a license request file.
  • Email the license request to john.moody@datagardeninc.com.
  • After a valid license file is provided, go to the Sentry Configuration Utility and click Load License File and load the license file provided. Note: The number of days valid for the license will be displayed.
  • Enter an Engine ID value for use in logs and messages.
  • Enter the URL of the Milestone Management Server.
  • Select Login Type
    Select Basic or Windows User and enter valid credentials. Note: The user should be an administrator or an account that has access to all cameras that the Sentry Server is configured to use.
  • Click Test to validate the Milestone credentials.
  • Enter Sentry Account URI. Note the default URI is provided and can be restored by clicking Default.
  • Enter Partner ID (Provided by Sentry)
  • Enter Company Name (Provided by Sentry)
  • Enter Timeout (default value is fine).
  • Click Request ID. Note that this will both generate an ID and provide a test of communication with the Sentry server. 
  • Set Logging Level/parameters as desired. Note, Debug level is recommended for initial installations with a Max Size of 100,000 (100 MB).
  • Save the settings and click Exit.
    Note: The Sentry Server will normally be restarted as part of this process. If the Sentry Server service is not allowed to be restarted automatically, it will need to be restarted manually after saving settings.
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