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Revolutionary Security Monitoring Solution to Safeguarding Your Property and Enhancing Personal Safety.
One Platform to Connect All
Enhances collaboration and effectiveness between the Owner, Guard and Monitoring Center
AI Fusion for Legacy Systems
Augment legacy cameras, alarm systems and optimize monitoring operations

Best-in-Class AI for Security Monitoring


Real-time Intelligent Detection

Unlike old video monitoring systems that rely on human operators to watch hours of footage, AI technology can instantly detect suspicious behavior and unauthorized access. This swift response enables proactive action, preventing incidents before they escalate.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

During the initial tuning period, performance on each camera is optimized based on analyzing the camera’s specific field-of-view and monitoring requirements. It can be configured to monitor specific areas, entry points, or critical zones separately for each monitoring task based on your security needs.

Trained-For-Security Use cases

Sentry AI's specialized training for security and safety use cases enables it to outperform generic AI models, particularly in sub-optimal conditions. Its capabilities extend to handling low-light environments and adverse weather conditions.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

AI-powered security monitoring systems can continuously learn and adapt to evolving threats and changing environments. AI performance can improve over time by analyzing feedback from users, adjusting detection models, and refining decision-making processes, resulting in continuously enhanced security capabilities.

Alarm Suppression and False Alarm Reduction

Sentry AI incorporates intelligent algorithms that minimize false alarms through advanced alarm suppression techniques. It leverages its deep understanding of security-specific scenarios and behaviors to distinguish between genuine security incidents and harmless events, reducing 99% of unnecessary alerts and ensuring that security personnel can focus on genuine threats.

Scene Dependent Adaptation

Sentry AI is designed to adapt to different scenes and environments. Its AI algorithms can analyze and understand scene-dependent factors such as lighting conditions, environmental changes, and scene complexity. This adaptability allows Sentry AI to maintain accurate detection of different scenarios.

Seamless Integration with legacy systems

No expensive hardware upgrade​

No Rip & Replace

No code integration

No Code Integration

Easy Installation & Maintenance

AI Video Monitoring for Uniview
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AI Video Monitoring for Hanwha
AI Video Monitoring for Axis
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AI Video Monitoring for DW Spectrum
AI Video Monitoring for Dlink
AI Video Monitoring for Swann
AI Video Monitoring for Foscam
AI Video Monitoring for GeoVision
AI Video Monitoring for Arlo
AI Video Monitoring for LTS
AI Video Monitoring for Dahua
AI Video Monitoring for Invid
AI Video Monitoring for Lorex
AI Video Monitoring for Amcrest

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