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Before you start, makes sure that you have:

  • Installed, wifi-connected Foscam camera. You should be able to configure your camera from your web browser (Internet Explorer or Apple Safari are recommended).
  • Camera ID: You should receive the Camera ID in the Welcome email right after you sign up.

The installation process should normally take around 5-7 minutes. Please contact Foscam’s support in case you run into issues.

The following are the instructions for FOSCAM C2 and R2C.

Access Camera setting from your browser

  1. Assemble your security camera and download the Equipment Search Tool (https://www.foscam.com/download-center/software-tools.html) to register and get the IP address.

2. Input your IP address into the browser. (Please ensure that you see Internet Explorer or Apple Safari as your browser for the setup)  

3. For more assistance in installing web browsers plug in, please refer: 

For Windows users: https://www.foscam.com/faqs/view.html?id=16

For Mac users: https://www.foscam.com/faqs/view.html?id=15

Connect your Foscam to Sentry AI

STEP 1: Setup Mail Server

  • Select “Settings” from the top of the page and then click on “Mail Settings” under the “Network” tab. 
  • Input information in the section as shown below (sample for Gmail) : 
 SMTP Serversmtp.gmail.com
Port 587
 Transport Layer SecuritySTARTTLS
Need Authentication Yes
 User Name:Your email address (the same one you sent to Sentry)
SMTP Password: Password for the above email address (user name)
Sender E-mail: cameras@smarthomesentry.com
 First Receiverimage@smarthomesentry.biz
  • Click on the “Save” button

STEP 2: Click on the “Detector” option from the left-hand side menu. Click on the “Action Detection” button.

  • Set Triggered Interval to “10s”
  • Click box of “Send E-Mail” and “Take Snapshot”
  • Click on “Save” Button at the top of the page

STEP 3: Click on the “basic Settings” option from the left-hand side. Click on the “Camera Time” button.

Change the “Time Zone” to your location and click “Save”

STEP 4: Click on “Camera Name” button under the “Basic Settings” section. Enter your unique Camera ID from Sentry AI Welcome email.

Please note that this will not have any effect on the previous settings but is just a way to ensure the start to Sentry’s service)

STEP 5 (Only for R2C model) : Click on the “System” option from the left-hand side column. Click on the “Reboot” button and press “Reboot” on the screen. 

Enable Gmail processing

If you use Gmail to send and receive Sentry AI Alerts. You need to allow less secure apps as following instruction:

  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps
  2. Click the button “Allow less secure apps” and make it “ON”
  3. If the link doesn’t go to below page, try to sign in google account first and then go to https://myaccount.google.com/lesssecureapps

4. Go back by clicking on the back arrow located at the upper left corner.

5. Click on the Sign-in and Security button from the left-hand side column and make the 2-step verification to be off.


Check the connection

Once you have completed these steps, you should start receiving notifications from Sentry AI. Try moving in front of the camera to test the setup. If you are not receiving Email/Whatsapp alerts, please contact Sentry Support.

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