AI Guard – Future of Security Industry

Abstract: Recent advances in AI provide a tremendous opportunity to transform the Security Industry. An AI Guard can play the role of a junior guard reducing guarding costs by a factor of ten while improving effectiveness. To achieve this breakthrough transformation, both process and product innovation are needed. This article describes the key functionalities of […]

Sentry AI and Bold Group collaborate to deliver sophisticated AI to enable Monitoring Centers to expand their business

Through the integration with Sentry AI’s cutting-edge AI Video Monitoring Platform, Bold Group now offers Situational Awareness AI to enhance video monitoring operations. Available on Stages® event monitoring and Manitou® alarm monitoring – two flagship automation solutions of Bold Group – this integration offers unprecedented false alarm filtering. This new platform allows central stations to offer video monitoring services to a much larger user base as it is designed to significantly reduce the time and costs used to handle false alarms. The integration also empowers patrol guards by providing them access to live streams from cameras, real-time alerts with annotated images, and the ability to collaborate, all through a secure mobile app.

Sentry AI and Immix Partner to deliver human-like AI to assist operators at Central Alarm Monitoring Stations

The joint offering transforms video monitoring for central stations and has been created through the partnership between Sentry AI, the leading creator of AI-powered video analytics solutions for physical security and safety, and Immix, the global leader in central alarm monitoring station software. This allows central stations to offer video monitoring services to a much larger user base as it significantly decreases time and cost wasted in handling false alarms. Operator retraining is not required as the insightful AI annotations are provided on the familiar Immix interface.

A Safe and Secure Solution

“Sentry is solving a problem that we really need to solve in our time.” – Neville Taraporewalla   Sentry AI became the first company to go straight to the final round of Meet the Drapers Show Season 4. Join our vision to make the community safe and secure with more than 1000 investors on […]