Sentry AI and Immix Partner to deliver human-like AI to assist operators at Central Alarm Monitoring Stations

SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 15, 2022

Sentry AI and Immix today announced a collaboration to deliver human-like AI to central stations, enabling them to supercharge their operators, lower costs, and add new revenue streams. Sentry AI’s cutting-edge technologies infused with unique Situational Awareness capabilities deliver unprecedented false alarm filtering, reaching 99% in many cases, freeing up the operators to respond quickly to true alarms.

The joint offering transforms video monitoring for central stations and has been created through the partnership between Sentry AI, the leading creator of AI-powered video analytics solutions for physical security and safety, and Immix, the global leader in central alarm monitoring station software. This allows central stations to offer video monitoring services to a much larger user base as it significantly decreases time and cost wasted in handling false alarms. Operator retraining is not required as the insightful AI annotations are provided on the familiar Immix interface.

With this new integration, monitoring centers can now upgrade their video monitoring operations on the Immix platform by simply selecting “Sentry AI” in the AI Link setting. The latest Situational Awareness AI solution from Sentry AI perceives and comprehends camera data, considers historical patterns, and builds spatial and temporal context, all the way down to the camera level, to offer video verification with never-before-seen accuracy. The built-in self-learning component improves accuracy even more with time. Central stations and security dealers will also benefit from the AI-powered Camera Matching and Health Check alerts to notify them when the camera system needs to be serviced. The integration is GDPR compliant and is available in the North America (NA), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the Asia Pacific (APAC) regions.

“Sentry AI’s core mission is to improve the safety and security of our communities. Even with millions of security cameras installed every year, the promise of security is realized only if we monitor them. Central stations are desperately looking for new technologies and solutions to meet the demand. We understand that gaining the monitoring agent’s trust and confidence in an AI-verified alarm is critical for this adoption to succeed, and we worked for years to ensure our solution does exactly that,” said Uday Kiran Chaka, CEO and Founder of Sentry AI. “We are pleased to find a like-minded partner in Immix to help monitoring centers upgrade and scale their video monitoring operations rapidly.” 

“We are excited to bring in Sentry AI’s unique solution to complement our video monitoring solution for the global market,” said Chris Brown, Immix CEO. “As video monitoring becomes a revenue growth opportunity at many monitoring centers, this AI verification and the additional analytics will enable our customers not only to realize tremendous cost savings from eliminating the nuisance alarms but also to expand the video monitoring offering to the underserved camera systems that were too expensive to monitor previously.”

To provide more information about the joint solution, Sentry AI and Immix will be hosting a webinar on March 1 at 11:00 AM EST. Please register for the webinar at Alternatively, you can get started right away by getting in touch here.


Sentry AI is the leading provider of AI-powered video analytics solutions for physical security and safety. Sentry AI’s unique offerings provide actionable insights by automating detection, recognition, and behavior analysis. 

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Immix is a global provider of software that improves the ability of commercial central stations and monitoring centers to manage and respond to security events as well as deliver a variety of video-centric managed services to customers. The software is deployed successfully across a wide array of environments servicing commercial, residential and enterprise markets. Immix supports the largest third-party product integration library in the industry, enabling ease of deployment and system administration for a broad spectrum of organizations across the globe. Immix® is UL Certified in the USA and BS8418 compliant in Europe. For more information, visit