Multi-family Housing - Commercial Building

Protect property, ensure owner/tenant safety and community security using AI Sentry

pDetect - Person Detection

  • Alert on intrusion at night
  • Guard secured areas such as roof, boiler, mechanical room

vDetect - Vehicle Detection

  • Alert on vehicles entering premisesat night
  • Alert on no-parking zone violation

pMonitor - Person Monitoring

  • Monitor entrance doors and gates
  • Recognize current tenants and workers
  • Record mail delivery and pick up
  • Alert on people on Watchlist

vMonitor - Vehicle Monitoring

  • Monitor parking lot traffic 
  • Record license plates
  • Identify authorized vehicles
  • Alert on license plates on Watchlist

pSafety - Community Well-Being

  • Alert on people loitering within property line
  • Check mask compliance for COVID in shared areas
  • Alert when someone falls down.
  • Custom solutions for staff and tenant safety

Works with legacy camera systems

No additional hardware & installation

Alert before an incident occurs

Integrated with Video Management Systems

Smart Monitoring

Smart Patrol

Smart Analytics