About Sentry

Sentry is an AI software company based in California, USA with a vision to make the world a smarter and safer place.

Sentry provides SaaS-based software products that work with your security cameras/systems to detect and prevent crime as well as provide surveillance capabilities to better manage your premises.

Sentry’s computer vision technology and other proprietary technologies make your cameras/monitoring systems smarter by filtering out unnecessary alerts that save you time and frustration and to ensure you do not miss the critical alerts.

Partners, Security Dealers, Enterprises

We work closely with Integration Partners to ensure that our products seamlessly work in our customer environments. We also develop joint marketing strategies to meet the needs of our mutual customers. Please contact us.

We provide critical AI-technologies as well as comprehensive solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Monitoring Centers by reducing unnecessary alerts while ensuring critical alerts are not overlooked. Please contact our Sales Team.

We work with security dealers across the globe to improve the safety and security of their clients by providing them with a comprehensive solution that not only reduces unwanted alerts but also provides guards interface to improve the efficacy of guard deployment and management. Please contact our Sales Team.

Sentry AI Products

We keep identifying and developing new features and provide software updates frequently. There are no specific dates or times when we release our updates. However, you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our webpage here to get information about our product updates.

Sentry processes images on powerful GPU-based servers in the cloud. This is mainly because our AI requires a GPU to process the images quickly to ensure we send a response to you as fast as we can.

We continuously train our computer vision models through our learning engine to improve the accuracy of our alerts. Our AI errs on the side of generating an alert when in doubt, rather than suppressing it. Based on our experience, on average 85% of the alerts are suppressed. The accuracy rate varies based on implementation. We, therefore, offer a trial period for customers to ensure the accuracy level meets their expectations.

You can purchase Blue Iris software from Sentry or you can directly go to Blue Iris website to purchase and install it first and follow the setup guide here to set up Sentry Smart Alert.

Blue Iris software uses Sentry API to send images from the cameras and receive AI-processed results quickly and securely. Enabling the functionality is just a single mouse-click on a checkbox. No further setup required. All alerts are sent via the Blue Iris communication channels chosen by the user: mobile app, desktop software, text/SMS, or email.

The Sentry Smart Alert trial program lets you experience the cool security features made possible with our latest AI technologies. As an existing Blue Iris user, the setup of Smart Alerts is simple. The trial is totally free and you can cancel anytime during the trial for no charge. After the trial, you have an option to continue Sentry service by subscribing to one of our plans and ensure your peace of mind.

Each Sentry subscription can only be linked to one specific Blue Iris license. If you have multiple Blue Iris licenses, you can choose to subscribe to multiple subscriptions, and all of them will be available in a single portal.

We process images to keep the bandwidth low. Y.ou can reduce bandwidth by correctly setting up motion detection on your cameras

IR and low light images work well, but not as well as those in good light.

Historical images are viewable in the portal for the last 7 days.

Services and Support

You can submit one ticket for each major problem you are facing. Please don’t submit more than one ticket for the same issue to avoid any delay in response. Our support team will reach out to you with answers or resolutions soon.

There are two ways to submit problem tickets. Either you can email directly to support@smartsentry.ai with your questions and we will create a ticket. Or go to the “Support” tab on our website and then click on the “Contact Support” button.

For Partners/Dealers: 7:00 am (PST) – 7:00 PM (PST) with 4-hour response time

For BI Customers: 7:00 am (PST) – 5:00 pm (PST) with 1-day response time

For Enterprises: We support up to 24/7 based on the Contract

Our team is here to make sure you have a great experience with Sentry AI. Feel free to email our customer support team at support@smartsentry.ai and our team will reach out to you within a business day. If you have urgent questions, also feel free to chat using our customer support assistant on our website.

Subscriptions/Setup for Blue Iris Users

Blue Iris is a video management system offered by one of our Partners and Blue Iris perpetual license can be purchased for a one-time charge from our website. Some customers connect their cameras to Blue Iris which offers them an alternative to connecting to us directly using SMTP.

We offer various Sentry AI Plans and Products on a monthly or annual subscription basis. One feature we offer directly on the Blue Iris platform is Smart Alerts which allows you to manage and significantly reduce alerts by seamlessly connecting to our pDetect product. We plan to connect our other products to Blue Iris also.

Blue Iris customer using our LTE product: You will receive alerts through the Blue Iris alerting system as configured by you – mobile app, website or desktop software, email, SMS/text. Sentry does not send alerts directly to you.

Blue Iris Customers using our Pro Product: In addition to receiving the alerts from Blue Iris as configured by you on Blue Iris portal, you will also receive alerts from us depending on your camera settings in our portal. The two notification processes are completely independent of each other.

Daily Smart Reports is an email we send at the end of the day that summarizes all the key activities that Sentry caught outside of your house in one photo. If there were more than 7 important triggers, you will receive a time-lapse of this report.

We average a 3 second round trip response but it can be significantly longer.

The setup is very simple and should take less than 10 minutes. This guide is for users who already have Blue Iris software purchased and installed.

  1. Click the checkbox for Sentry Smart Alerts for each of the cameras you are interested in connecting. You will start getting Sentry alerts right away!
  2. Optionally click “Learn more” to visit Sentry website, register to receive support during trial and subscribe to one of our paid plans.

After purchase, you will receive an email from Sentry with a Blue Iris activation code. You will then have to go onto Blue Iris’ site to download the Blue Iris installer. Once you follow through with the installation of Blue Iris, you will be able to use the activation code provided from the email to activate your version of Blue Iris.

Once you are logged into Blue Iris, you will need to go to the “Trigger Dialogue” and check the Smart Alerts checkbox to activate Smart Alerts. Please note your Sentry ID number as this will be important in our final step. The final step is to verify that you are part of the Smart Alerts family. Simply fill out this form  (you will need your name, email, and Sentry ID) and you’re on your way to having Smart Alerts!

You will receive alerts through the Blue Iris alerting system as configured by you – mobile app, website or desktop software, email, SMS/text. Sentry does not send alerts directly to you.

After making a payment, you will receive an email with details on joining our portal. Follow the instructions in the email to create an account and manage your subscription. The portal has many features including changing profile information, adding site name, configuring specific modules to specific cameras, turning alerts on/off, viewing various cameras, and viewing reports.

You can cancel the plan anytime and your subscription will not be renewed at the next billing cycle. For the current period that is paid for, you can still enjoy the service through the end of the period. We do not provide any refunds for cancellation. Our yearly plan offers a significant discounted compared to the monthly plan.

Please click on the “Support” tab at the top of our website and then click on the “Contact Support” button on the following page. This will prompt you to create a support ticket and we will help you to change your plan.

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