AI-based predictive maintenance takes center stage

Security professionals regularly maintain installations around facilities. It has been costly for organizations to repair broken-down devices. As a result, predictive maintenance becomes more prevalent in the security industry as a method for driving down costs. In addition, installations like cameras need to be functioning properly at all times to ensure maximum security. It becomes imperative that security teams need to know when and where exactly an installation is altered or damaged in real time. These factors have significant impact on revenue growth and cost efficiency for security monitoring centers.


North American security systems integration market revenue 2006-2020 (Source: SDM)

North American security systems integration market revenue 2006-2020

As you can see, the overall integration market has been stable until it started its decline in 2014. These data indicates that the installation market has reached a certain level of saturation, in which integrators must differentiate themselves in terms of product offerings and ROI maintain competitiveness.

Sentry AI provides health check as an option for all connected cameras. As a part of the AI’s situational awareness capabilities, the system will use several references points (such as reference images from a previous alarm) to determine and alert security personnel if a camera is moved, becomes dirty, or has been deliberately obstructed. These AI offerings will help monitoring centers drive down maintenance and operational costs significantly. With the increase in ROI, we expect AI offerings will help integrators and monitoring centers ultimately improve their overall package quality and attractiveness for end users and drive bottom-line growth.


Written by Adrian Xin

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