New product features and a refreshed Customer Portal for Blue Iris Home Users

Sentry AI launched refreshed Customer Portal for 1300+ Home & SMB users
Smart Sentry Alerts – Customer Portal

Sentry AI is excited to announce the launch of a completely revamped portal improving user experience significantly for 1300+ customers who connect through Blue Iris, the most popular Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Video Management System (VMS).

A new subscription plan is available to Blue Iris customers that supports vehicle alerts, in addition to person alerts. The daily email summary that our customers love has also been refreshed. The release also includes many under-the-hood updates to improve the AI accuracy, performance, and stability.

In the new portal, customers can now view all the images sent by their security cameras to our AI, and which alerts Sentry found were important for them to pay attention to. This is important to receive feedback and train our AI. We also show a composite video of people and vehicles found on the day, along with analytics, such as a comparison of the number of alerts to the weekly average.