Invest in Sentry AI, yay or nay?

If you have 10 grand to invest, which startups you would put your money in? Investors were asked that question in an innovative take on startup competitions at the Global AI Conference – Santa Clara, in January 2020.

Participants who are venture capitalists, M&A corporate development leaders, senior technology executives, entrepreneurs and industry veterans were asked to evaluate startups and allocate their $10,000 pre Money – a fictional currency – to those startups. Investors assessed each startup’s viability considering how a REAL and IMPORTANT problem is defined and how start-ups solution apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to solve the problem with sustainable differentiation in a competitive landscape.

Among 10 startups in different fields: Data analytics, cybersecurity, business intelligence, and physical security, Sentry AI has become the favorite choice for many investors. We received up to 34% total pre Money invested on the day. With $93,500 Pre Money, Sentry AI was at the top position, nearly 3 times more than the 2nd runner.

This is a strong endorsement for Sentry AI’s product-market fit and we are supremely confident about our success.

How about you? How much you will invest in Sentry AI?