The knowledge I gained from my internship was equivalent to 2 classes worth

I first want to thank Uday and the Sentry team for giving me a valuable work experience within the AI team. When I arrived at Sentry, I was confused as to what my role was, what I would be working on and who I would be collaborating with. However, from the get go I was instructed in a clear fashion by Ritesh as to the work I would be doing. The entire team was very collaborative and encouraged me to ask questions.


I was very satisfied with the work I was given. My tasks involved Openpose estimation as well as facial detection features ranging from (age, gender, ethnicity, action). The knowledge I gained from my work and collaboration with the team was equivalent to 2 classes worth at CMU. One of the things I was very surprised by was the fact that the work I was doing was being implemented immediately into the product realtime. I was also instructed to present my work at the IIT conference to various investors which greatly helped me to understand my work on a much deeper level. I also appreciated the fact that I was not limited to a strict technical role but I was involved in marketing and sales which expanded my views on how a company works.


Overall, the culture at Sentry was very encouraging and friendly which helped me to work more efficiently and comfortably. I would like to thank my adviser Ritesh and the Sentry team for guiding me properly throughout this internship and giving me a valuable experience to reflect on for the future.