Security In The City

It can be a daunting task to find the perfect camera system when living in a major city. Since there are so many different types of homes ranging from studios & apartments to multiple story houses, many people find themselves asking “what do I need to protect my home?” 

Most homeowners follow the general procedure of installing locks on all doors and windows and may even put up a fake sign indicating they have a security system, but this is no longer enough to protect your home. Studies have shown intruders first observe the victim’s schedule before attempting a theft. They look for weakly guarded entrances, check for alarms, dogs and most importantly — cameras. 

Security cameras are a great method of securing your home in the city because of these important reasons: 

Scares Away Intruders
Many law enforcement officers observe that when there is a camera visible on the premises, the chance of that home being robbed goes down significantly. Some officers even suggest putting a fake camera because of how effective it is against intruders. The sight of a camera makes the robber less confident in their ability to get away with the crime, even if they are unable to be recognized.  Collecting Information
With multiple cameras, users can see all activity happening inside and outside the premises, meaning even before the intruder reaches your house you can see their previous actions. This includes information such as other people with them, any tools they used, and even their vehicle. Additionally, with cameras placed inside, all activity of the invasion is recorded and can be used as evidence for the police. Immediate Notification
The most important benefit of owning a camera is the convenience and speed of being notified when activity is happening. In most of the new cameras, motion detection is a standard feature that is offered so that whenever anything is detected, the owner is immediately sent a message. With this feature, it allows the owner to quickly respond and react such as contacting the authorities or alerting their family.

There are many more reasons to use a camera (monitoring children, insurance benefits, etc.), the main idea is that larger cities have the highest rates of theft and break-ins then the rest of the country…so why wait? 

Let us help you find a camera that works best for you!

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