Sentry has given me more than just insight into the world of AI

I came into the world of artificial intelligence with far fetched notions of terminator-like technology. It all seemed far-fetched and intangible to me. Working at Sentry has shown me how AI can be applied to day to day situations. I was intrigued by how accurately we can detect faces, and how we can detect whether people are standing and sitting by analyzing specific ratios. Its inspired me to look at potential AI applications in every day to day situation I encounter in my life. I wonder how I can apply principles like machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve my daily life.

But Sentry has given me more than just insight into the world of AI. Being part of a startup has exposed me to more than just engineering. Watching as investors came to visit showed me what it takes to sell a product. Watching the founders work to create a corporate culture of inclusion and motivation showed me the importance of company culture in a workplace.

Looking back at my experience, I see that I have much more clarity on what it takes to run a company. Its a complicated machine where every contribution can make a difference. I’ve learned about concepts that I was only exposed to theoretically in school. I learned to value and appreciate the intricacy of code. And most importantly, I had an amazing time!