How much time do you spend a day reviewing recordings from your security camera(s)? Let Sentry take care of that by sending you our Daily Smart Report, a visual summary of everything occurring on your camera(s) for the day. 

We provide the Daily Smart Report to Sentry AI paid customers and registered trial users who use Blue Iris software. If you haven’t registered, please click here.

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You will receive 1 email per day containing a summary image for each Sentry-enabled camera. (See how to enable it here from Blue Iris software) The summary image tries to provide a synopsis of all the activity from each camera for the past 24 hours. If there are more than four Sentry Alerts on a particular day, you will also receive a time-lapse video review of the events as well. WHY IS IT HELPFUL?
The purpose of the smart summary is to save you some time in your day by providing a daily overview of your cameras with one simple glance! WHAT’S NEXT?
We heard from you! Vehicle and pet detection is our focus after Blue Iris 5.0.

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