5 Top home security tips for the holiday

As Christmas nears, Wahed Magee, Law Enforcement Adviser of Sentry, shares his top 5 home security tips to keep your home safe.

1. Don’t share too much on social media.

It’s ok to share your pet dressing up as Santa. However, revealing that you’re going out of town for the weekend to attend a celebration might encourage intruders to break into your house.

2. Connect with your neighbors (especially the gossipy ones).
Talk to Susan, who seems to knows who’s coming in and out of your house. She can be helpful this time of the year if she’s not traveling and willing to keep an eye on your house. Maybe they can help your house look “lived-in” by getting the mail, occasionally parking in your driveway, or shoveling the snow on your walkway. 3. Monitor your home with a smart home security system.
If Susan and all other neighbors also decide to enjoy some sunlight in Miami, make sure you have a good home security system in place. That means having a camera system for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. If you’ve already had one but dislike receiving too many alerts or think that your system doesn’t detect humans well, connect your camera to Sentry’s AI for free to receive fewer and only relevant notifications here.  4. Get packages shipped to your workplace. 
Or at least track them so you can tell that friendly neighbor when to pick them up. That way they’re not piling up on your porch and announcing you’re not home to the world. 5. Make it look like someone is home.
Prevention is the best policy. If you already have smart assistants such as ‘Alexa’ or ‘Ok Google’, invest in a smart light bulb that you can control via an app to make your home looks like there are people there at night.