Now that you’ve bought your security camera, what next?

Security camera is again one of the best-selling products last Black Friday. As many of you unbox the product with excitement, and set it up, you also start to receive dozens of notifications per day. Some users report getting more anxious about the security of their home than they were prior to owning the camera. How to live in peace with your security camera? Sentry’s Chief Product Officer, Prakash Bettadapur, weighs in.

1. Don’t turn off those notifications.


While you may receive somewhere between 20 to 100 notifications per day, depending on your family setting, at least some of these notifications will be helpful. Yes, it is annoying to constantly receive false alert, but it’s better to miss important ones. Good news is, you can change this.

2. Fine-tune. Fine-tune. Fine-tune.
Going under the hood will pay dividends. Most cameras have settings that can help you reduce significantly the number of notifications. You can reduce the sensitivity so that a change of shadow in the room will not trigger an alert. You can also limit the region that the camera will focus on to detect movement, such as, the front yard and not the porch. However, doing so will require some playing around with the settings. 3. Power up your security cameras. For free!
If all fails, try Sentry’s free pilot. Sentry uses AI to help more than 1000 models of security cameras to detect humans more accurately, reducing false alerts by 95%. This means peace of mind and only relevant notifications. Curious to learn more? Visit our free pilot page here.