Summer at Sentry

Working at Sentry was an amazing experience. I played different roles given the start-up culture in the company. I got the chance to wear different hats and make contributions which would have a direct impact on the organization.

When I joined, I began planning for the IIT Bay Area Leadership conference. I was responsible for creating and executing the plan for our participation which included shooting and editing of videos, creating a real-time demonstration to support our pitch during the conference. We won the “Most Popular Start-up Award” at the conference which resulted in us getting recognized by Amazon and Google. My ideas were appreciated and taken into consideration which meant a lot to me as I could see the impact of my work.

Later, I was working on creating wire frames for the mobile and web application. I was also working on “Concept Board testing” using focus group interviews in order to obtain feedback and improvise on our positioning. In addition, I started doing market research, which increased our software’s compatibility with other camera brands and we covered 85% percent of the market share.

Also, I worked on developing the digital marketing strategy and boosted the social media reach which resulted in us having 60+ participants for our second pilot testing program. I was in charge of developing the installation guide for better customer experience. What I loved the most was that the people in the team respected each other, no ideas were let down and everyone was working towards the same goal with the similar passion in a fast pace.

The entire team had developed a great camaraderie with each other. I was fresh out of college when I joined Sentry and I did not know what to expect. When I look back now, I believe I have learned a lot not just professionally but personally as well, and have met people who genuinely care about me and would be my mentors for life.