2 months are not enough!

I had a product marketing internship at Smart Home Sentry this summer. I have to say it’s the best internship I ever had, and it’s full of fun, happiness, and challenges during this two-month period.

I still remember my first day at Sentry. Sharat, my engineering colleague, spent whole half day on my technical onboarding and answered any question I had. Following that, our CPO had a long 1:1 with me to introduce the whole company history and strategy and share the expectation on the product marketing position I interned. On the first day, I was fully loaded by their deep industry insight and their passion for Sentry.

My second important memory at Smart Home Sentry was the IIT conference. Riya and I were responsible for the event preparation and execution. We spent a whole month on shooting the event video and designing the real-time product demo. From the activity ideation to the final implementation, there were many challenges from both the technical side and the business side. However, every time we got stuck, we could get help from all directions at Sentry. Some my engineer colleagues spent their own time to join our brainstorming, and CTO led the technical troubleshooting on the product demo and test the system again and again to ensure the best demo effect.

I can feel that all the people at Sentry work like a family. People cover each other and help each other to achieve the same goal and never make their colleagues disappointed. I just feel the two months internship are too short for me, and I highly recommend to people – join Sentry for the full-time or internship opportunity if you want to stretch yourself and enjoy a family-like culture.