Being a Product Manager at Sentry

I interned at Sentry as a product manager and I would like to share the three things I enjoyed the most.

First, I learned a lot. I learned to prioritize: one user story over another, a nice-to-have feature over a critical feature, a fancy app vs. an app that addresses customer needs. 

I learned to bring data in helping to make every decision, especially when you don’t have an R&D department or gigabytes of structured customer datasets at your fingertips.

Ultimately, I learned to seize every opportunity to speak to our valued customers (or potential customers). From asking a friend about his new security camera on a Sunday launch to interviewing a Mountain View police officer on a Friday ride-along.

Second, I had a lot of fun. I met amazing colleagues and mentors and was fortunate enough to share a tremendous time both at Plug and Play and outdoors, whether it was hiking on Big Sur or sharing authentic Indian cuisine in Vallejo.

Finally, my time at Sentry has been some of the most meaningful three months in my 7-year work experience. I couldn’t have imagined working on a project more impactful and more important than preventing burglaries and bringing peace of mind to homeowners using artificial intelligence.

I am grateful to Sentry for letting me learn a lot, have fun, and help make homes safer and smarter for everyone.

– Kirill Bogoslovskii