Back to School Security!

With school just around the corner, many families have become much busier gearing up for the 2018-2019 school year. Whether the kids are in middle school or high school, most parents drop their kids at school around 8AM in the morning, then pick them up around 3PM (excluding extracurriculars). This typical schedule leaves at least 7 hours of the day with the home completely empty and unmonitored, the perfect time for neighborhood thieves to strike!

Using Sentry’s software, families won’t have to waste time looking through every motion alert sent to them by their cameras. Instead, only when a human is detected, Sentry’s AI will notify the user immediately. With our software reaching above 90% accuracy on the motion alerts, families will immediately feel the difference when receiving 1 alert instead of the 50-100 during the typical work day. 

Let Sentry be your line of defense against false alerts and real intruders. Happy back to school!

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