Journey from the Fuqua School of Business to Sentry

Due to the nature of startup, the culture in Sentry is always very fast pace. There is always something going on, and I always have work to do. However, I was able to hone my both analytical and decision-making skills while working in such a fast-paced and results-driven environment. I’m very grateful that I got to work here for my summer MBA internship and had an opportunity to apply my skills from both school and previous career and bring value to the company. Sentry was indeed the perfect place for me to explore and test new things while recognizing my strengths and weaknesses in the areas of both product management and marketing. Being a part of this ambitious yet humble team is the greatest privilege I had over this summer. I believe this is a great aspect and advantage of having an internship at a startup. I can’t believe the eleven weeks have gone so fast! I’ll surely miss this time and hope to be continuously part of Sentry’s greatest journey beyond this summer.

Overall, my 11-week internship experience at Sentry over this summer can be summarized in following ten words :











Lastly, I highly recommend anyone with a great interest in disruptive technology and passion for success to come and join Sentry. So many successful stories yet to come!

-Steve Seung-Cheol Oak