MVP Released!

We finished the last week of July with exciting news! On July 21th, the whole Sentry team gathered in Vallejo office to celebrate the launch of our minimum viable product (MVP).

After six months of burning the midnight oil, it was a matter of pride for every member of the team that the MVP product was now ready to be installed at our very first pilot customers.
The pilot product includes a wide-angle camera with night vision, a powerful processing unit, and Lila virtual assistant. Lila is trained to recognize family member(s). If Lila recognizes unfamiliar people at your home, she sends a text message along with a photo of the person to your mobile phone, alerting you immediately, which no security system does today. D-link 1 Lila profile new 05c71d99-30d7-44a3-8cec-0f520a8cbc88_1.acfd0f197334d6f88f87a03eca9ed2e1