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MBA, Duke University. Security AI Expert with 3 USPTO Patents. Speaker for The Monitoring Association (TMA).​

GUARANTEE: Prevent ALL Crime In Less Than 2 Weeks Or Money Back AND We PAY You!

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UDAY KIRAN CHAKA: MBA, Duke University. Security AI Expert with 3 USPTO Patents. Speaker for The Monitoring Association (TMA).

Guarantee: Prevent ALL Crime In Less Than 2 Weeks Or Money Back AND We PAY You!

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How Car Dealership Owners went from experiencing monthly thefts of car batteries and catalytic converters to completely eliminating the crime in less than 2 weeks.

“We used to have people steal car batteries all the time. Using Sentry AI, we were able to get notifications quickly enough to dispatch the police department. Once perpetrators are caught… word spreads and eventually people who used to prowl around our properties stay away because they don’t want to get caught.”

How Lucas Ingala went from tons of false alarms, legal fees, and police avoiding their property to quick police response on real crimes in less than 2 weeks.

“We get a lot of false positives which leads to the old story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. We have police showing up and nothing really going on and that can cause police to avoid the property that you’re protecting. Now with Sentry AI we’re able to filter out those nuisance alarms and get actual alarms that you can respond to.”

Tom Camarda went from 1,300 false alarms triggered every weekend to preventing all dealership crimes in under 2 weeks.

“False alarms are really a curse in the business. We had 1300 alarms in one weekend and Sentry AI knocked it down from 1300 to 1. It was an awakening to me because I thought that the analytics, NVRs, and technologies in the cameras would be sufficient to stop crimes and it was far from the truth. The truth is you gotta throw more artificial intelligence at the cameras or you keep on getting these false alarms”

How General Managers went from countless false alarms with no reliable detection to zero false alarms and accurate detection of criminals and unauthorized vehicles in under 2 weeks.

“What Sentry is doing is building an application that allows us to use cameras that are already deployed at dealerships to be very actively involved in providing secure and safe environments. I’ve watched the evolution of the platform and they’ve done a wonderful job of talking to people in the industry that know what’s needed and focus on solving those core problems.”

Jay Moore went from struggling with false alarms from multiple camera analytics options to completely eradicating them in less than 2 weeks.

“If anyone has used cameras before, they know that their motion detection algorithms and internal analytics are not necessarily the best and tend to generate a lot of false alarms. We’ve used multiple analytics options to try to reduce false alarms, but Sentry AI’s option just seems to work. Honestly, we’ve been so satisfied with Sentry AI’s version that I stopped our trial mid-trial and just said ‘We like this. Just start billing us ’cause this is what we’re going to use going forward.’ I can’t recommend it enough. It has done wonders.”

How Seth Riser from Stratigos Dynamics went from manually verifying threats to using real-time crime detection, catching perpetrators in the act without them ever realizing the tool was there.

“With Sentry AI, you’ve got a tool that a criminal will never be able to see. If want to hide it, you can hide it. If you wanted to know about crimes in real-time and have time to truly react and catch something in the act. You can and they’ll never know it’s there”

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