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How Auto Repair Shops Prevent All Theft and Damages in Less Than A Week Using AI Without Expensive Security Guards Or Monitoring Services

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Nick K. From Bona Brother Automotive Services Prevented 2 Burglaries In Less Than A Month Using AI

“I was at my wit’s end. Our auto shop was experiencing 4-6 burglaries every month or so, and we had tried everything to prevent them.
Locks, alarms, security cameras – nothing seemed to deter the criminals. I was worried about the safety of my employees and the security of our property, not to mention the cost of replacing stolen items and repairing damages.
That’s when we heard about Sentry AI and decided to give it a try. We worked with Uday to install the AI security system and learn how to use it effectively.
Within the first month, we were amazed at the results. We were able to prevent two burglaries thanks to Sentry AI’s advanced monitoring capabilities.
But it didn’t stop there. After the first month, we completely prevented any further crimes from occurring. Uday helped us optimize the system and integrate it with our existing security measures. We finally had peace of mind and felt confident that our auto shop was secure.
Uday truly saved the day for us. His expertise and guidance were invaluable in implementing an effective preventative solution. We are so grateful for his help and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their security measures.”
Thanks to Uday and Sentry AI, we can now focus on our business and rest easy knowing that our property and employees are safe.

AI Detects Burglar And Instantly Alerts Police

Bona Brothers Alerts Dashboard. Zero False Alarms.

How Auto Repair Shops went from experiencing monthly thefts of car batteries and catalytic converters to completely eliminating the crime in less than 2 weeks.

“We used to have people steal car batteries all the time. Using Sentry AI, we were able to get notifications quickly enough to dispatch the police department. Once perpetrators are caught… word spreads and eventually people who used to prowl around our properties stay away because they don’t want to get caught.”

Tom Camarda went from 1,300 false alarms triggered every weekend to preventing all auto shop crimes in under a week.

“False alarms are really a curse in the business. We had 1300 alarms in one weekend and Sentry AI knocked it down from 1300 to 1. It was an awakening to me because I thought that the analytics, NVRs, and technologies in the cameras would be sufficient to stop crimes and it was far from the truth. The truth is you gotta throw more artificial intelligence at the cameras or you keep on getting these false alarms”

How General Managers went from countless false alarms with no reliable detection to zero false alarms and accurate detection of criminals and unauthorized vehicles in under 2 weeks.

“What Sentry is doing is building an application that allows us to use cameras that are already deployed at dealerships to be very actively involved in providing secure and safe environments. I’ve watched the evolution of the platform and they’ve done a wonderful job of talking to people in the industry that know what’s needed and focus on solving those core problems.”

How Lucas Ingala went from tons of false alarms, legal fees, and police avoiding their property to quick police response on real crimes in less than a week.

“We get a lot of false positives which leads to the old story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. We have police showing up and nothing really going on and that can cause police to avoid the property that you’re protecting. Now with Sentry AI we’re able to filter out those nuisance alarms and get actual alarms that you can respond to.”

Jay Moore went from struggling with false alarms from multiple camera analytics options to completely eradicating them in less than 2 weeks.

“If anyone has used cameras before, they know that their motion detection algorithms and internal analytics are not necessarily the best and tend to generate a lot of false alarms. We’ve used multiple analytics options to try to reduce false alarms, but Sentry AI’s option just seems to work. Honestly, we’ve been so satisfied with Sentry AI’s version that I stopped our trial mid-trial and just said ‘We like this. Just start billing us ’cause this is what we’re going to use going forward.’ I can’t recommend it enough. It has done wonders.”

How Seth Riser from Stratigos Dynamics went from manually verifying threats to using real-time crime detection, catching perpetrators in the act without them ever realizing the tool was there.

“With Sentry AI, you’ve got a tool that a criminal will never be able to see. If want to hide it, you can hide it. If you wanted to know about crimes in real-time and have time to truly react and catch something in the act. You can and they’ll never know it’s there”

AI Catching Thieves and Plates. Same Day Arrest.

AI Catching Unauthorized Vehicle License Plates

AI Catching Thieves With Multiple Cameras Causing Arrests

Who is this for?

For auto shop owners or managers that own medium or large lots that are using security guards, alarm companies or live guard surveillance monitoring multiple properties, but are still getting crimes or getting insurance rate increases.

Or smaller lots that already have cameras installed that wake you up all night long, and you need to get away from dealing with all the constant alerts.

Or any owners and managers wanting to make sure you’re headed down the right path to maximizing the protection of your lot during the night.

The Key Concept

To protect your lot, owners and managers need to make sure that their main security mechanisms in their security system can do their job effectively, do the job fast, and do the job at a cost that gives the owners a significant return on their security investment.

And we can do all this by simply installing artificial intelligence as a cost-effective reinforcement or replacement for the five security mechanisms that every security system has.

These mechanisms are:

1. Crime Detection - Spot a threat.

2. Emergency Deterrent - Remove a the threat.

3. Alert Communication - Notify Authorities.

4. Crime Confirmation - Find the criminals onsite to make the arrest.

5. Future Prevention - Eliminate crimes before they happen.

For the past few years, we’ve helped property owners and managers install and employ AI to these five mechanisms to finally put an end to all property crime in less than a week.

Founding Team


Founder/CEO of Sentry AI. MBA, Duke University. 3 USPTO Security Patents. Prevented $24M Property Damages.


Co-Founder/COO of Sentry AI. Former CEO of Fujitsu America. B.S., Princeton University, MBA, Harvard University. Authored research papers on AI.

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Here's How To Prevent All Crimes In Less Than A Week Using AI

1. Detect crimes accurately without any missed events
First, you have to know threats are on the property

Old Way

What most owners and managers do is hire monitoring services, security guards, or security patrols to spot criminals on their property...

But they don't realize that these services often have guards that get tired, lose focus, fall asleep, or take breaks the longer they are on duty...

Old Result

This results in missed criminal events because humans don't detect criminals very well when they are tired. Guards have less than a 25% detection rate past the first hour.

That means you have to replace the guard every hour for them to be effective.

Also, these services cost $10k+ per month per guard, which is usually more than the repair costs and damages from crime, giving owners a negative ROI.

New Way

Install artificial intelligence on cameras that can cover the entire property.

New Result

Cameras with proper artificial intelligence can detect criminals with a 98.73% accuracy.

By updating your camera system with artificial intelligence, you can have your cameras monitor your lot instead of a human.

Now you have proper detection because cameras can't get tired or fall asleep.

You just need to install 8-12 cameras which might cost you a few hundred dollars at most... instead of spending $10k+ per month on people that sleep on the job.

Now if you have 8 - 12 humans watching your entire property, then they are just as effective as cameras with artificial intelligence... but only for the first hour.

This means you would need 64 - 96 guards for an 8-hour shift to be as effective as 8 - 12 cameras.

So would you rather spend $25,000 - $50,000 per guard per hour?

Or $50 per camera? Obviously the camera.

The key takeaway is that artificial intelligence allows you to use camera systems to detect criminals at a significantly lower cost.

2. Deter crimes when they happen

Once a criminal is detected, you have to remove them from the property.

Old Way

Most owners will use onsite guards to remove people from the property or use a monitoring service to call out to the criminals with an audio system to scare them away.

Or owners will just put fences, signs, and cameras on their property in hopes that these will be enough to stop a crime.

Old Result

While in theory guards and audio systems can work, they are expensive and aren't very effective.

If guards can't detect criminals, they can't remove or call out the criminals.

And if a criminal has decided to target your property, things like gates and fences won't stop them.

They'll just scale the fence or cut right through them.

New Way

A better way is to use artificial intelligence to make voices and alarms to call out criminals.

You can do this by connecting your AI camera system with an audio system.

This way when the camera system detects a criminal, the audio system immediately plays alarms and realistic police voices to scare the criminals.

New Result

You can deter and scare off criminals without using monitoring services that cost $7k - $10k per month.

This removes the limitation of guards that are unable to detect criminals.

And these audio systems cost less than $500 dollars to install making them extremely cost effective.

Remember that in order for you to remove crimes, you need to spot the crimes first.

So all we are doing is connecting an accurate detector with an effective deterrent.

And with AI, we can deter crimes without relying on expensive guards and monitoring services as detectors.

3. Alert the authorities as soon as possible

If the criminal has decided to still cause damage even with the deterrent in place, we have to alert authorities.

Old Way

Most owners will use onsite guards or monitoring services that use phone calls or two-way radio systems to alert you or your security team to call the authorities to make an arrest.

Old Result

The problem is that every 39-second delay decreases the arrest chance by 4.7%.

The median reporting time with phone calls and two way radio is 5 minutes and 39 seconds.

This means that if your entire security system had a 100% success rate to arrest someone, it would drop to 60.58% simply because the alert traveled too slowly.

New Way

Instead, we need to have your AI camera system send a text notification to everyone's phone when it detects a threat.

New Result

Since you get these notifications directly in real-time on your phone, with maybe 1 or 2 alerts per year, AI gives you or your personal security team the ability to manage the alerts yourself if you wanted to.

There's no need to play the telephone game with monitoring agents or guards or have third parties handle false alerts.

You simply get the alert and with a push of a button, you can dispatch authorities instantly without any calls.

Mobile phone notifications are critical because the reporting time determines your successful arrests.

Since phone notifications are instant and go directly to you, it drops the reporting time to zero.

Which means authorities are instantly notified to make the arrest.

4. Visually confirm the crime to authorities to make the arrest

Authorities need visual confirmation of the criminal in order to actually make the arrest.

Old Way

Most owners will have video camera footage or eye-witnesses (guards, monitoring services, or citizens) to confirm the criminal's appearance, threat level, and location.

Some will use text notification alerts as confirmation.

Old Result

But with text notifications, you can’t confirm if the threat is moving around, or if there are multiple threats, or if the threats have weapons.

This makes it too dangerous to go in blind.

And traditional alarm systems require on-site video review or onsite property checks to confirm the suspect's location.

Just like the alert time, the delays in talking with the guards or reviewing the footage reduce the success of the arrest.

This delay gives criminals plenty of time to escape without any consequences.

New Way

You need to have your AI camera system send a live video stream from the camera that detected the criminal.

New Result

These live videos tell you if the alarm is legitimate, confirm the criminal’s appearance and actions, and enable the authorities to directly arrest the criminal.

If the criminal moves around then the video switches to the next camera that detects the criminal.

You quite literally can have all eyes on the property at all times.

The video stream allows everyone to remotely check the camera to confirm everything safely which leads to extremely fast apprehensions.

Side Note: Why authorities need visual confirmation.

Most owners are using alarm systems that a send tons of false alarms to the owners.

Since there's no visual confirmation with these alarms, owners are forced to call the police to check the property to see if there are criminals.

But police don't want to be dispatched for cases that have no criminals.

And since 97% of the alarms are false, the police eventually give up checking on your property unless you have visual proof that someone is there. There's no trust in your security.

Key Takeaway: A live video stream allows everyone (you, your security team, and police) to instantly confirm the threat, which is what enables police to trust your security system.

Which means if you experience any crime, police actually prioritize your property and respond faster.

And as stated before: Faster response leads to successful arrests.

5. Preventing future crimes from happening

After a successful arrest, owners need to make sure that crimes don't ever happen again.

Old Way

Most owners will use deterrents like fences, police cars, and guards as preventative measures to stop future crimes.

The idea is that a criminal will see these deterrents and think twice.

Old Result

The prevention rate for most of these deterrents is less than 15%.

Most owners who try using deterrents as prevention mechanisms will realize the ineffectiveness when they unexpectedly get targeted for a crime despite these deterrents in place.

New Way

The most successful prevention mechanism is actually the criminal themselves.

New Result

If a criminal gets caught, word spreads in the community and criminals avoid properties that are known to successfully arrest them.

But this success rate is based on how well the previous mechanisms can cause arrests.

This is why AI is so important for security because you can increase the effectiveness of all the mechanisms and use lower-cost options that you couldn’t use before.

This results in word-of-mouth prevention that ultimately prevents all crimes.

You don’t need a car, sign, fence, or anything as long as arrests successfully happen from the previous security mechanisms.

What's the difference between a deterrent and a prevention mechanism?

Deterrents are mainly designed to stop crimes while the criminals are committing them.

This is why we call them emergency deterrents because they are fast reactive measures to stop crimes.

The prevention mechanisms are designed to stop crimes from happening in the first place and are proactive measures.

You don’t even see the criminals at all because they know not to try something.

A deterrent is the life vest, for someone already in the water about to drown. A prevention mechanism is to get someone away from the water in the first place.

Owners often make the mistake of using deterrents as a prevention mechanism.

The problem is if they don’t work as a deterrent, they are even worse for prevention.

And if they do work as a deterrent, it means they failed their job at prevention because the criminal was already onsite. They already decided to commit a crime.

So To Prevent Crime, All You Need To Do Is:

1. Detect crimes accurately without missing an event.
2. Deter crimes when they happen.
3. Alert the authorities as soon as possible.
4. Visually confirm the crimes to authorities to make the arrest.
5. Then once the criminal is arrested and starts talking to other people, you prevent future crimes.

Now there are a few ways you can do this

Option 1 - Do it yourself
However, this is extremely challenging to get great results and takes a lot of time.

Option 2 - Hire guards, monitoring, or alarm companies
However, this is extremely expensive and you might end up paying more in fees than actual damages. Unless you're suffering $200k - $300k of damages per year, the ROI is either negative or extremely low.

Or you can work with Sentry AI to prevent all crime in less than a week without any guards or monitoring services.

You will be able to install and configure AI on your camera systems in less than a day to monitor cameras for you.

You will be able to manage all criminal alerts with 1 or 2 people and effectively deter criminals using audio systems.

You will remove all false alarms, insurance increases and unwanted police fees.

You will be able to actually proactively prevent crimes on your property without expensive security guards, patrols, or monitoring services.

AI Detecting And Sending Live Criminal Confirmation Alerts

AI Detecting And Deterring Criminals By Creating Artificial Voices and Alarms

AI Detects, Deters, And Alerts Police Causing Onsite Arrests

AI Accurately Detects People. No False Alarms.

AI Detecting and Sending Live Video Confirmation Alerts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why You? What Makes You Different? I've paid thousands of dollars on security. Will this really work?

We've protected hundreds of properties and prevented $24M worth of damages across different industries.

Every single one of our clients prevented all crime and damages after the first successful arrests within the first week of using our system.

We know the security industry (both its strengths and flaws) and created a system that allows auto body shops to protect their lots while removing all the downsides associated with traditional security methods like false alarms, response time delay, and low accuracy.

If you are still unsure, take a look at our case studies and testimonials.

What happens if I book a call?

We will see what security systems and mechanisms you are currently using and take a look at the crime incidents you are facing to understand where you are at. Based on this information, we can determine if we are a good fit for you.

Is AI actually good at detecting crime?

Different types of AI have different levels of accuracy when it comes to detecting crime. Regular security cameras that use a form of AI called “Camera Analytics” may not be very good at it because they don’t update based on the historical data from all cameras around the world.

But internet-based AI that's made just for detecting crime is really good at it. This AI is always learning and getting better the more cameras it has, so it can find more crimes.

In fact, with over 1 billion images processed, there hasn't been a single missed criminal event with these advanced AI systems. So using the right AI can significantly enhance the security of your property.

What is internet-based AI?

It’s a type of technology that's made specifically for detecting crime using cameras connected to the internet. It's like a really smart computer program that can learn to recognize things that might be illegal, like a person breaking into a house.

This type of AI is really effective because it's always getting better and learning from past experiences. It's also different from regular security cameras because it's always connected to the internet and can analyze data from all over the world. Overall, it's a powerful tool that helps keep people safe by detecting crime before it happens.

Will this work if I don’t have cameras yet? I might not have enough time to install everything.

Yes, we can recommend a low-cost local installer who can provide installation services or work with your internal IT/Facilities team to do the installation.

How fast do police usually respond with a live video alert?

With a video alarm system, the response time is usually immediate. By providing real-time video verification of the criminal, we minimize the response time required to identify and apprehend suspects.

Do we need guards to spot crimes if we use this AI camera system?

By using an AI camera system, the need for on-site security guards or monitoring services to identify potential criminals becomes unnecessary.

Will this work with my current cameras and NVRs?

Our system works with all cameras/NVRs that can be connected to the internet either wired or wireless. If you don't have cameras that connect to the internet, we can recommend you low-cost ones that aren't thousands of dollars.

Should I use a different camera? I’m not sure my cameras have the right resolution to detect properly.

Almost every camera that has the ability to connect to the internet has good enough resolution for AI to effectively detect incidents. If for some reason your camera doesn’t work, there are cameras for less than $100 that are easy to install that would work with AI.

How many cameras do we need?

The number of cameras required depends on the size of your lot and the areas you want to cover. As a rule of thumb, one camera can cover an area of 100 feet by 50 feet. On average, properties have around 8-12 cameras, but this can vary.

Smaller lots can get by with just 6 cameras, while larger lots may require 16 or more to ensure comprehensive coverage.

What type of support do you provide?

If there are ever any issues with the system, you can call us anytime and we provide ongoing technical support if there's a problem. Usually, all problems are resolved within a couple of hours.

How much time does it take to install AI?

If the cameras are already connected to the internet, it should take about an hour for our customer service team to install the system and ensure all the camera's motion settings, regions of interest, and schedules are appropriate for preventing crime.

Can you train my onsite guards to use your system? I still want them around.

Yes, we provide training to your security team. They will know how to operate the cameras, live videos, alerts, and dispatch police.

Do I have to remove or redo my security team?

We work with your security or IT team to ensure we install the system to meet your needs and expectations. If you have physical security guards who monitor your facility, you would be able to reduce their need as Sentry AI Guard can replace most of their functions at significant cost savings to you.

Will this work if I already have a security dealer working with me?

Yes, your choice. We can work with you directly or work with the security dealer.

Will this work if I have a large lot to monitor?

Yes, our system fully scales to any size of the lot. Larger lots just require more cameras.

Can the alarms be sent to different people depending on their shift?

Yes, we personalize notifications based on personal schedules.

Can I just get alert notifications myself and make the decision to call the police?

Yes, you can. Our system allows you to control which notifications are sent to whom and make decisions based on that. You have the flexibility to receive alerts yourself and decide whether to call the police or not.

Will this work if I’m currently using someone to monitor my property or want to get someone to monitor for me?

Absolutely. Our system integrates with all leading monitoring software. When any sensor is tripped, a notification is sent to you and your monitoring agent.

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